While many may regard this with suspicion and disbelief, it does not seem impossible that various talented Pakistani actors have caught the eye of Indian filmmakers. Among many local stars who have shared that they were offered projects from across the border, the charming Sonya Hussyn is the latest.

In an interview with Independent Urdu, Sonya revealed intriguing details about her career choices and her thoughts on dream co-stars. While discussing her preferences for an on-screen hero, she named Ali Zafar as her top choice, praising his charisma.

“I have never given this a thought but I think regarding films, I find Ali Zafar very charming. I think he has that charm of a film hero. There are many contenders for a film hero. Fawad Khan also has a charm but acting-wise, I would prefer Ali Zafar,” she said.

However, the conversation took an interesting turn when Sonya shared her experiences with offers from the Indian film industry. She disclosed that she had been approached for three different projects. “I have received three film offers from India. One was a Shakespeare screen adaptation of Measure for Measure. The other was a sequel to some old Santosh Kumar film – I can’t recall its name,” she noted.

Among these offers, one stood out particularly—a film with the notorious Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi. “For that one, I even had a meeting with the relevant people but then the exchange with India stopped altogether,” she explained, referencing the halt in collaborations between India and Pakistan following the Uri attack and subsequent ban on Pakistani artists working in India.

Sonya’s openness about these missed opportunities underscores the ongoing challenges faced by artists in the region due to political tensions. Her reflections not only highlight her career aspirations but also shed light on the broader implications of geopolitical issues on the arts and entertainment industry.

Celebrated for her down-to-earth nature, talent, and impeccable style, Sonya has captivated audiences in numerous avatars. Despite her soaring popularity, the actor remains single, leaving fans eagerly curious about her plans for marriage. As a recent guest on Nadia Khan’s show, Sonya dished about her dream wedding and revealed her staunch stance against marrying an actor.

When quizzed on her preference between marrying a businessman or an actor, Sonya’s answer was refreshingly candid: “I would never marry an actor. I think actors are very self-obsessed. I’m an actor, so I think self-obsession should only be in one of us. When you’re so into yourselves, you can’t pay attention to the other person.”

As for any immediate wedding bells, Sonya set the record straight with, “No, nothing at the moment. Everyone tells me that I’ve finished studying, have worked a lot, built a house, and that I should get married now. Maybe I don’t belong to this generation because I feel like men have lost that chivalry and good mannerisms.”