Amna Ilyas is a stunning and talented Pakistani model and actress who has delivered many impressive performances in popular Pakistani dramas and films.

She made her television debut alongside Azfar Rehman in a Hum TV drama serial. Her film “Baaji” was also highly successful.

Additionally, the actress participated in the theatrical remake of the drama “Ankhahi,” which received praise.

Currently, she is sharing beautiful photos from her photoshoots.

Amna Ilyas recently shared photos from a bold photoshoot. In the shoot, she is wearing denim pants, with her top partially obscured by a bouquet of flowers. Her makeup was done by Abbasi Yameen.

Amna Ilyas is facing significant public backlash for sharing these bold and unusual photos.

One social media user added, “They are all caught up in the Met Gala fever.”

Many netizens found her boldness inappropriate and left harsh comments.

Fans believe she is trying too hard to gain attention with her boldness.

Many social media users compared her to Indian actress Urfi Javed, known for her unconventional fashion sense.

Another social media user said, “They are all obsessed with Bollywood culture.”