Q1)Tell me a little about yourself?
Being a model within the contemporary world is quite fascinating from the eye of spectator; at times it really is quite exhilarating but the persistence in order to endure through life requires plethora of mettle; such provision is conquered when things are taken care of from inside and such proclivity is attained when you work things with Allah from inside; perpetual hardwork is good but the contentment prevailed is even better when your forehead is on the ground I have my own ways of working.

Q2)What do you like about modeling the most?
The prisitine aura of the rampwalk, the enticing hustle and bustle behind the stage, your outfit becomes a reverence by the eye of spectator and the acknowledgement of the inhabitants can be immensely uplifiting. The varaisty to indulge behind this glamour takes alot of effort, takes your perseverence in order to diffuse
a successfull show, it can be arduous but as it surmounted much exuberance is diffused.

Q3)Did you take up any training in modeling?
I took no training before merging into the industry, it naturally evolved out of me.

Q4)When did you start modeling? what got you started?
I used to get good offers but in 2019 through citrus, life took me to an admiring turn that was PFDC which felt adequate and it felt like getting onto that train and after that it was a flabbergasting journey. morelikely this profession got into me after my parents unconditional affection eradicated any confinement for me and I am here today doing this by grace of Allah and I do not worry abouT HOW LONG my name would last here, what I worry about is that I never encroach my periphery of contenment for any profession or person;but Allah.

Q5)Who is your inspiration?
Zainab abbas

Q6)Do you like something other than modeling?
if not modelling than it would be aboding within the profession of being a cricket anchor, that would be fun too.

Q7)What is more important for a person, inner beauty, or an external one?
The outter beauty is appealing for inhabitants who lack taste, the beauty that is greater than the beauty of visage is the beauty that evolves through your character and cleansing the depth of your heart while you’re around anyone

Q8)On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories or perfumes?
I usually spend the most on clothes and perfumes.

Q9) Which celebrities you believe are the most influential?
It would definitely be yumuna zaidi and imran ashraf because they balance their work ethics in a very reformative way inclusive to it they utilise every eloquent resource in an inspiring way that never astrays or resides in that prodigal momentum, their way of conduct is a promulgation itself as it reveals the intricate details to uprise within the industry.

Q10) What makes you smile and what scares you the most?
When my parents do smile because of me as it composes my element of happiness, their existence is so protective towards any odds , They help me in such extratresstrial ways that it removes so many obstruvtions out of my pathway and additionally helping the less privlleged and helping them with a meaninful accountability

Q11)What is your greatest strength and weakness?
Greatest strength for me has been Allah and the ability that he deployed over me was to fathom his ways, his existence reverted any atrocity or dibaolical upcoming. Weakness would be that I cannot express
my emotions personally while interacting with others.

Q12)Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans?
I do not consume life over the basis of tomorrow, what I consume life is over today and present. I do have to make susbstantial limpid decisions in order to grow within the industry,, Life can mesmerise you with great exceptions sometimes they can be contrary to what youre expecting for yourself and sometimes they really summon up a great after math. However my contribution to this industry would be, what I do carry over my shoulders is that my decisions bestow a blissful and empowering end when I do choose to walk on from the industry

Q13)How do your friends treat you after you became a model?
My friends are very supportive and I am immensely grateful for them being around me and never changing their attitude or the way of treating me after imbuing within this industry