Last month, Generation did something unexpected. A brand widely popular for its inclusive campaigns, with an intentional focus on representing real bodies and real people, was now experimenting with AI models. 

Online shoppers scrolling through the website were quick to realise that something was different. Before we knew it, X, formerly known as Twitter, was blowing up with users pointing out that Generation seems to be generating AI models of their own. 

The only problem was that AI is not yet sophisticated enough to produce results that would align with Generation’s ethos, which largely combines Pakistani culture and inclusivity. 

When Profit reached out to the brand, they declined our request to comment, saying that it was a small experiment and they would require toying with the AI tool for longer before they can provide insights into the potential of it. 

However, our interest had already piqued, so we sought others who could talk about the potential benefits and drawbacks of replacing human models with AI generated ones.