In a candid interview, the ‘Babban Khala ki Betiyann’ star shared her experiences that led to her expulsion from school. She recounted, “I was very young and I knew how to fight. So I just fought, and it escalated to another level. I kicked her here [pointing with her hand], and it broke her ribs, resulting in my suspension.”

She acknowledged, “But that was only one time.”

Explaining further, Mehmood added, “Another time, I had to change schools due to a similar incident, but aside from that, it was mainly because of frequent traveling and relocating between cities.”

During the conversation, the celebrity also humorously revealed an alternative career aspiration, saying, “If not for acting, I might have become a thief for those big heists. Because I’m a good actor, I can manipulate anyone and use them.” Her candid admission provided a glimpse into her versatile and playful personality.