A special movie screening of the summer blockbuster ‘Barbie’ took place last month at the Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi. It was a glamorous event, but what added additional sparkle to the evening was Rukaiya’s Salon, the official hair styling, makeup, and nail styling partner for the event. Rukaiya has been the brains behind some of the most iconic glamorous looks during the past few decades and is one of the most respected names in the MUA industry.

“For the Barbie movie screening, I wanted to bring out the inner Barbie in each of these girls,” Rukaiya shared her strategy for styling the event. “It was all about embracing the magic of childhood dreams and translating that into creating hairstyles and looks that were fun and glamorous.”

Rukaiya and her team worked tirelessly to curate and design unique Barbie-inspired looks for each attendee. “Creating hairstyles and looks for these girls was like playing dress-up with real-life dolls. We went from classic Barbie glam to modern chic, celebrating the diversity of Barbie’s world,”Rukaiya said about designing looks for the screening. We saw it all from loose wavy curls, braids, fairytale-inspired dos, gorgeous blowouts, and natural curls styled in the most chic way.

“Barbie is a universal icon of beauty and confidence. I wanted these girls to feel as fabulous as Barbie herself, and the makeup looks were designed to do just that,” Rukaiya shared excitedly.

These looks weren’t just about enhancing beauty but also celebrating individuality. Not just hairstyles, the event also saw dazzling makeup looks and eye-catching nail art that truly added a touch of glamour to the event.

“Barbie was all about big hair, curled and swept up. It took me back to an age when everything was big and bold. I wanted the hairstyles to be a reminder that we’re never too old to go back to bubble gum lips, big eyelashes, bouncy hair, and have fun with our appearance,” Rukaiya said about coming up with looks for the screening.

“Barbie has always been a symbol of empowerment and individuality. I wanted the hairstyles and makeup looks to reflect that spirit, with a touch of whimsy and a dash of elegance,” Rukaiya said, wrapping things up.

The screening event was a celebration of beauty and self-expression. It was a night when all those who attended embodied the aspects of grace and style, thanks to the artistic prowess of Rukaiya and her team who played a pivotal role in making this movie screening an enchanting and memorable affair.