Beverage brand ‘Cola Next’  unveiled its latest campaign featuring brand ambassador Esra Beljic. The latest TVC showcases the actor as a new Superwoman who can conquer the world with confidence and the background music is something you just can’t stop listening to. 

Cola next has constantly endeavored to bring entertaining campaigns for its consumers through innovative storytelling. This campaign will resonate strongly with Pakistani consumers

Turkish Actress Esra Bilgic has been extremely popular in Pakistan ever since the broadcast of the Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul in Pakistan in which she played the leading role of Halime Sultan-the Seljuk warrior princess.

Esra Bilgic received massive praise in Pakistan for her ethereal beauty and won the heart of many Pakistanis, as she has the biggest fan following. 

The action genre has long been dominated by males, but this Tv Ad is important in the evolution of the female hero on Pakistani screen. After watching Esra Beljic as Halima sultan, this modern era Brave woman is definitely a new thing for viewers. So in order to prove definitively that women not only kick butt in the action genre but also draw big ol’ audiences across the gender spectrum to see them do it

Our favorite scene was when in one of the scenes from the Ad, Esra Beljic characters gleefully punched and kicked men, proving that she doesn’t need men to protect her and her riding the bike was definitely an inspiration for all of us.

And in the next second, she enters the ballroom in an appealing Red dress, and we just couldn’t take our eyes off that brave, charming and independent woman and the moment when unveils the ‘Cola Next’ bottle. 

One thing is certain, after this successful Cola Next ad, more tv ads with strong female leads are on the way. Cola Next definitely has more Fizz this summer. We felt an instant rush when we first saw the Ad – in our opinion it’s going to be a big summer campaign.