A frequently asked question- does Subway have pizza? Known famously for their wraps and subs, if only a pizza lover can include a delicious pizza to his Sub meal. As Subway has introduced Pizza Wraps to their menu now customers can have a taste of authentic pizza in a warp!

This is what we can call pizzas the Subway style. These are crafted and created to give you the authentic pizza taste with a nostalgic sub feeling. A wonderful 6-inch wrap loaded with delicious pizza fillings comes in three flavors which are Chicken, Beef, and Pepperoni. Each wrap has its own unique taste to appeal to the tastebuds of customers.

With the launch of its Loaded Pizza Wraps, Subway has made it a priority to disrupt its menu with the introduction of bold combinations and exotic new flavors. The wraps that will satisfy your pizza cravings on the go.

Subway always pays attention to its menu step up as part of its commitment to meet the consumer interest and provide a great experience for the millions of customers around the world.

If you have not tasted their new Pizza Warps yet give them a try!