Zayn Malik’s New Look Took Attention Away- at Olympics Closing Ceremony

19 years, Zayn Malik performed with One Direction at the Olympic Closing Ceremony in the Olympic part. August 12, and their was one thing fans couldn’t take their eyes off of—his lightened hair! The singer, debuted a big blond streak in the front of his normally dark locks.
According to, Zayn was extremely nervous ahead of performing What Makes You Beautiful at last night’s music spectacular and he turned to Perrie to help overcome his nerves. We’re not surprised he had butterflies – the stunning ceremony was estimated to have been watched by around 300 million people around the globe.
This is the first time we’ve seen the sexy singer with a different ‘do! Fans were not disappointed, taking to twitter and facebook with comments like, ‘zayn malik looked perf at the closing ceremony tonight tho omg his highlights in his hair just o m g’
Another wrote, ‘@zaynmalik forever crying because the blonde in your hair looks so freaking perfect.’ We must admit, his lighter locks are pretty sexy!
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