Zahra Saeed set to launch brand new accessible label, IVY by Zahra Saeed

Zahra Saeed

Pakistani America designer Zahra Saeed is set to collaborate with the historic  house of ENEM in Pakistan, to launch a new women’s wear label by the name of IVY by Zahra Saeed on the 7th of April at the recently inaugurated ENEM DHA Y Block store in Lahore. The new brand will also soon be available nationwide, at ENEM stores.
For IVY’s debut collection being unveiled at the launch, Zahra’s inspiration comes from history’s different eras, manifest in designs that are classic and wearable. With “Simple is Beautiful” as the driving philosophy behind the brand, the launch collection is being introduced in 45 distinct designs, in a range of colours, cuts and silhouettes along with a capsule collection of scarves.

At its signature design core, IVY by Zahra Saeed will endeavour to work with and innovate timeless techniques such as block printing, chicken kari, screen printing and traditional embroidery on a diversity of fabrics, from every day wear cottons to evening and occasion wear chiffons and silks. The very ethos of the brand demands fashion and design that is classic, affordable and wearable with a commitment to value for a patrons purchase.

On the launch of the new label, Zahra Saeed said “With the growth and exposure of fashion in Pakistan, there is much room and demand for easily accessible collections; ready to wear that is priced affordably yet which offers a more high fashion design aesthetic. With my brand IVY, I’m looking forward to bridging this gap with both every day wear and an affordable formal wear range with a complete set of accessories to follow. I am delighted to be collaborating with ENEM as our exclusive retail platform, particularly given, ENEM’s enviable retail history dating back to pre-partition and its steady commitment to growth and innovation. It after all, a household retail name that people trust.”

A Pakistan-American, Zahra Saeed’s journey as a fashion designer started from a studio in New Jersey, USA in 2008 when she gave up her career as an executive vice president of a mortgage banking lending institution, to pursue a passion for fashion and design, which she had nurtured from childhood. In a short amount of time, Zahra’s fashion reach expanded tremendously to encompass Pakistan, Europe, and the Middle East with both stand-alone retail outlets and Zahra Saeed stockists.

The ENEM apparel and luxury shopping brand literally witnessed the birth and growth of Pakistan. First established during the British Raj as a small tinned roof shop in Tollinton market. Currently, ENEM offers its patrons more than 50 local and internal beauty brands, more than8 international apparel brands with exclusive rights, over 20 eyewear brands & multiple lingerie brands. IVY by Zahra Saeed is launching in all ENEM stores exclusively.
IVY by Zahra Saeed will soon also be developing standalone retail stores between 2014-2015 across Pakistan.

Zahra Saeed

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