Zahid Ahmed optimistic and must-do things in quarantine: Need to acquire all of these INSTANTLY!

Zahid Ahmed has garnered attention due to his immaculate acting chops in recent dramas. He has always opted challenging characters and portrayed them on screen with utter perfection. As he launched his You Tube channel, we saw another inspiring edge of his personality. He is solemnly spiritual by nature and urges his fans to follow Islamic teaching if they want to get success in life. Needless to say, Zahid Ahmed is surely a source of inspiration for all the struggling artists.

Amidst the time when people are looking up to celebrities in order to stay positive during quarantine, it seems our celebrities are responsibly directing the nation towards optimism. Zahid Ahmed has posted some productive ways to adopt during quarantine on his Instagram lately.

Here is the list he shared;

To pray 5 times a day as there is no more excuse to miss a prayer

Recite smaller portions of the holy book, the “Quran” every day!

Gain more knowledge about “Hadith” by reading as many books as you can as this is the best time to reflect.

Watch a cartoon with your children for at least one hour. He emphasized to enjoy this time with your children and involve in the discussion regarding it.

Play productive indoor games with your kids.

Try to sit together with your family and enjoy all the meals of the day together.

Note of positivity:

“End your day with joy in your heart that you’ve fulfilled your lord’s obligation while spending quality time with your family.”

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