Zafar Siddiqi Unravels TV News Industry Secrets!

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Owner of Tv news channel Samaa, Zafar Siddiqi has launched his book TV News 3.0. The book is an entire guide that connect the TV news industry to the digital age and helps in giving insides of the industry in a simple language and with experiences and real-life situations. 

Siddiqi found the need to write the book inspired with his own experience. In his book, he claims to not have found any manual that helped him when he first decided to start a news channel in 2003. Siddiqi’s decision to write this book was to prevent others from stepping in the industry as entrepreneurs without having a guide that covers all aspects. 

His experiences are quirky yet filled with lessons. Siddiqi has quoted several different incidents and personal insights. This relatively new way of writing helps people connect with the author as well as learn from his experience rather than just textbook material. His prediction of how the news industry will look in 2030 is one of the most eye-opening parts of the book. “It is inevitable that we will have artificial intelligence newscasters in the future, but with the mood in the next 50 years also being about heartfelt emotion, there will always be a human touch needed, as that is what we need to nurture and grow.” His statements show his understanding and authority over the industry and you can’t help but agree to it. 

The intention of the writer is clearly seen in the book as he has carefully divided the book into different topics and areas of importance. Each of the topic is subdivided to make it easier for everybody to understand the points of the book. 

Sidiqi has made this book a self-expletory book which is perfect for students to use as their course book. Siddiq quotes; ‘It is important, I think, to add this book into Journalism programs in universities. The reason being that this book is not limited to the TV News industry conventionally, but it also touches the digital age and how it can be so difficult to reach out to it.’ 

Even if one is not in the field, this book is a sure shot read this weekend.