Yoglicious: Naturally Delicious Fro-yo!

By Marian Sharaf Joseph


Lahore’s famous M M Alam Road is revered for its international affluent elegant stores, exclusive brands and luxury dine outs. But on the evening of June 29, the premium lifestyle  boulevard transformed into the London’s popular Bond Street becoming hub for UK’s first frozen brand in Pakistan, Yoglicious, making the locality a haven for gracious living by sketching a map of UK’s hallmarks. The aura and ambiance created a mini tour for guests; from the royal ‘feeling’ in the air with the presence of the Queen’s Guard, to Beetles uplifting the spirit of the night and a tribute to the Celtic life of Wales presented by a Friesian cow in a farm.  What more! A giant frozen yogurt float watched over as the guests celebrated Yoglicious as the first mega fro-yo bar in this auspicious location.

The launch stirred excitement for all fro-yo devotees longing for pure dairyness. Brought to Pakistan by the dynamic siblings Rabia and Sobia Zia, hailing from London, the banking and investment experts partnered with David Williams, director Plas Farm Wales. Lahore, Pakistan is the first global destination for Yoglicious, and from here on the fro-yo-prenuers plan to take it across the world.

Yoglicious is naturally delicious! Unlike other fro-yos that stress on being ‘low calorie’ till one discovered the gallons of sugar added to the body fat; Yoglicious is naturally nutritious because of the very fact it’s both Pre & Probiotic. Of course, all frozen yogurts are Probiotic. But not all of them are Prebiotic.  For that, a frozen yogurt has to be made of pure fresh milk and not powdered milk. Still confused? Powder based fro-yo has a water-based taste while pure dairy fro-yo is creamier, richer in taste and the taste develops gradually as it slides down the gullet.

Yoglicious is the only Prebiotic frozen yogurt in the market since it’s made of fresh skimmed milk and includes the registered/accredited BC30 Probiotic live culture from Ganeden Labs, which is the licensing and development division of Ganeden Biotech, UK.

Flavors at Yoglicious are made of fresh fruits, no additives, artificial food colors and preservatives. This makes it ‘Naturally Delicious.’ Salted Caramel is one of the unique flavors at Yoglicious while Blueberry, Cranberry, Creme Brulee and French Vanilla are some of the best. The flavors have a fresh feel to it; banana fro-yo gives the fresh taste of newly plucked banana and so do mango, strawberry, coconut and so on. That’s because Yoglicious is continuously made all day long.

The most ambrosial edible that awaits fro-yo lovers are Yogbars. Famously called Britalian (half British and half Italian), these Yogbars are a creation of Yoglicious made of frozen yogurt dipped in chocolate. Absolutely “unique” Yogbars are low fat yogurt and are available in an amazing range of flavors like Chocolate, Mango , Natural, Strawberry and Vanilla with delicious Italian toppings; Gianduja, Hazelnut, Lemon, Pistachio, Milk Chocolate, Plain Chocolate, Strawberry and White Chocolate.

Yoglicious offers wide array of waffles, pancakes, yogurt cones, brownies, smoothies, mocktail and fresh juices. Not to forget the crêpes of course! And yes, the coffee that gained instant fame on the day of its launch! To have coffee gain equal fame as it’s fro-yo is, as the matter of fact, the best compliment for any frozen yogurt bar to receive. After all, there aren’t many places around that offer coffee in the Great Britain style. Their coffee is filled with the richness of freshly grounded coffee beans and creaminess of milk, and to diversify the flavor Yoglicious offers 1883 de Philibert Routin coffee syrups for a stimulating experience.

The launch of Yoglicious was the most exciting events held in town and by far the best fro-yo launch. Unlike the launch events held earlier by other frozen yogurts, where sample cups were less than 2 or 3 inches, everyone enjoyed a whole cup of fro-yo with endless toppings, fresh fruits and scrumptious sauces.  Not just once, but over and over again!

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