Yodeling Noodles in Pure Awesomeness

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By Marian Sharaf Joseph


“There’s no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness!” — declares Noodle House — and not Po!

Within less than a year since its launch in October 2011 – Lahore, The Noodle House is making oodles of statement every single time they serve noodles. There have been noodles roaring amongst kids, noodles-kitty-parties and noodles-brainstorming meeting for creating new skylines. And the yodeling noodle continues….!

Noodle House has revived the dying South Asian Cuisine culture in our society. Way back in the 80s and the early 90s, South Asian Cuisine was the king of all time dining. The Main Boulevard and The Mall were full of them. The food prepared under expert native Chinese themselves was truly sumptuous. But it served more than that; a chivalrous culture – China Town! There was very little option for Japanese and Thai food – available at five star hotels only.

There is a whole generation that has forgotten what South East Asian food truly is. Except for the devotees who looked for options at five star hotels, the culture almost faded out. There is no denial to it as to why we cannot relate ourselves to the South East Asian food culture. “Though history speaks of the struggle in the colonization of Southeast Asia, what many have forgotten is the cultural blend it conceived around the world,” comments Usman Sakrani, COO Zahdan Retail. In Pakistan, the cultures embed when many immigrants settled in during the revolution.

The Noodle House has the whole South Asian Cuisine under one roof. Order Wasabi Prawns, tofu, dumpling, salad, soup or the main course — everything has the awesomeness of noodles!  Noodle House has taken the hospitality market by surprise. The influence of different cultures along with the unique blend of spices used in Southeast Asian food has excited the taste of any regular Joe in town!

The ambiance styled in true South Asian way opens up your appetite. Though, the region consists of eleven countries, the food of the Thais, Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Indonesians are among the most famous exotic creations with the Chinese as the most popular of all in this town. That’s exactly what Noodle House’s secret ingredient is. As  Sakrani states, “From my experience the secret behind the success of Southeast Asian cuisine is the fact that it combines the taste of so many cultures that everyone who is anyone can relate to the experience and feel like being at home.”

Yes! Taking in five different flavors; sour, salty, sweet, spicy and bitter, Thai food is the most popular cuisine coming from Southeast Asia. The recipes are heavily influenced by Chinese, who introduced them to noodles and steel wok. Like Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisine, Vietnamese dishes are heavily inspired by the tradition of the Indians and Chinese. It uses a lot of soy sauce and fish sauce, which is both an Indian and Chinese influence. Yet, the influence of French food is hard to miss in Vietnamese food; the food is often complemented with French bread.

The Noodle House serves its all. They love South Asian Cuisine and want to share it with everyone they meet. They are spreading the trance of oriental bliss across the country. If you are looking for a neat South Asian Cuisine experience you know where to go — because there is no charge for awesome!