Yasir Hussain & Faysal Qureshi slammed people who are showing off their donations amidst corona virus!

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Actors Yasir Hussain and Faysal Qureshi seem to be quite furious over showing off charity work amidst corona virus outbreak as it is unethical and against Islamic way of doing charity. As we are going through difficult times, we are donating and helping those who are in dire need. Doing so, most of us have made it a publicity stunt and show off which ultimately humiliate people. Actor Faysal Qureshi has accentuated the matter through his tweet and requested everyone not to take pics and make videos while donating.

Here is what he tweeted;

Not only him, Yasir Hussain also shared a picture on his Instagram that clearly shows the difference between the Muslims and non-muslims doing charity amidst Corona virus outbreak!

We have clearly forgotten the Islamic way of doing charity and donations !