X-Men 2 Sentinel Concept Art Shows What Could Have Been

The Sentinels may have made their deadly introduction to the X-Men franchise in the recently released X-Men: Days of Future Past, however did you know we almost saw them as early as 2003?

That’s right. Originally, Sentinels were considered for X2: X-Men United, but were ultimately dropped in favor of other elements. Now, with two versions of the Sentinels finally on the big screen, original concept art for the X2 Sentinels has emerged. Developed by Ricardo Delgado and Guy Hendrix Dyas, the Sentinels do share some similarities with ones we eventually saw in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but there’s certainly some major differences too. Check out the images below:

Regarding the concept art, Delgado explained:

The Sentinels were considered briefly for the X-Men sequel, and I drew up a version to a great collective yawn from everyone involved.

ComicBookMovie also managed to uncover some Bryan Singer quotes from around the time of X2’s release. From the sounds of things, it seems like people just weren’t ready for giant robots in 2003. Singer stated:

We felt, for X2, the concept of giant robots is a difficult sell. But it’s definitely something we may have room for in the future.

Apparently, adding the Sentinels to X2 would have expanded the movie’s budget by $8 million, which is not insignificant considering its actual budget was just north of $100 million. Furthermore, additional elements were cut from the movie, including the Sentinels and The Danger Room, in order to give Halle Berry more screen-time. She had just won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Monster’s Ball and producers were eager to capitalize on her popularity.

What do you think? Could X2 have actually been improved with the addition of the Sentinels?