Writer Khalil ur Rehman hit all the right chords regarding MPTH!!

Not so long, we have witnessed drama MPTH touching heights and dazzled the audience by it’s peculiar nature of content an dialogues respectively. Stirring many controversies as well applauded by viewers on large scale. Being one of the most successful writers in Pakistani entertainment realm, Khalil-ur Rehman is known for his outspoken nature and blunt about things that we hesitate to utter. In an Interview with Waseem Badami the writer disclosed some of his opinions related to drama MPTH and it’s comparison with drama ALIF.

After getting an immense love from Pakistan and across the border, MPTH fever is not over yet. The writer answered a question asked by Waseem Badami in a show that;

”Alif is a wonderful drama but sadly it went on air while MPTH was ongoing. That is the reason why Alif isn’t as popular amongst the masses as MPTH.”He also added “if Alif graced the screens before MPTH I wouldn’t have released the drama MPTH”

Apart from that he also revealed that after drama’s hit many actresses made false claims regarding their association with the drama!

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