WOOHOO! These are the highest grossing movies of Bollywood of 2018! Take a look at the blockbusters of the year!

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Movies have been our all-time inspirations when it comes to relate with our daily life problems and emotions that we predominantly go through. From real life perspective to the imaginary world of fiction and fairytales we are all deeply engrossed by the storylines, actors and astonishing effects that has influential impact on our personalities. So we have of course some of the favorites too right? Especially those that stimulate us emotionally and makes us ride roller coaster of scenarios that are unforgettable in the long run! Bollywood Industry has inculcated with the best of the best when we come to think about fascinating blockbusters that had made people go crazy or even addicted! We all are lovers of different genres of Bollywood movies in one way or another. This year, specifically has turned out to be the year of flawless and inspiring movies that knocked us down and shook our ground.

Let’s take a deep look at the list of those super hit movies by Bollywood this year 2018.


Box Office Earning:334 Cr (Rs 3,34,57,75,000)

Budget: Rs 96 Cr (Rs 96,00,00,000)

Getting into the skin of Sanju was the most appreciable part of the movie no matter how much backlashes Rajkumar Hirani had to face as he clarified the status of most controversial actor in Bollywood. But he still got the ability to make it all happen with talented actor Ranbir Kapoor who undoubetedly ruled the screen due to his mind blowing performance as Sajay Dutt! The storyline, script and events happened in the movie were quite similar and executed perfectly by the scriptwriter.


 Box Office: Over Rs 282 Cr (Rs 2,82,28,00,000)

 Budget: Rs. 215 Cr ( Rs 2,15,00,00,000)

Starting off 2018 with exotic movie padmavaat has turned out to be good omen for Bollywood Industry well keeping few of the movies apart who disappointed unexpectedly! Padmavaat had a huge star cast, deepika Padukon , ranveer singh and Shahid Kapoor as a lead and they justified the role as sanjay leela Bhansali


Box Office: Over Rs 184 Cr (Rs 1,84,10,00,000)

Budget: 400 crore

Staying true to the essence of its first version Robot, the movie has been hyped up mostly by the face off between Akshy Kumar and Rajnikanth and movie had been dubbed in Hindi and distributed. The movie managed to cover the budget by its satellite release and hence been a craftwork of entertainment for sure though most of the critics did not approve it to be the block buster but still it has acknowledged by the stardom it offered and people went crazy to see them together.


Box Office:160 Cr (Rs 1,60,74,50,000)

Budget: Rs 59 Cr (Rs 59,00,00,000)

Proved himself to be the outstanding actor that can incorporates emotions and action parallel. Baaghi 2 had been one of the highest grossing movies by Tiger Sheroff as it entitled itself to be the most loved movie and nice songs to listen to! Though some of its part has been drived from the Hollywood movie but it had brilliantly executed in the storyline of the traditional Bollywood cinema!

Baadhai hoo:

Box Office: Over Rs 134 Cr (Rs 1,34,27,00,000)

Budget: Rs 29 Cr ( Rs 29,00,00,000)

The Ayushmann Khurrana-Gajraj Rao-Neena Gupta had grabbed the attention of people as audience get the vibes of relevance through the family based movie. Apart of it to be the comic piece of art, it had massively accepted by the viewers as it earned around 6 crores in 6 days and that is surely a woow thing to behold in Bollywood Cinema for a movie of small budget without any stardom to portray!

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