Women’s Day 2019: Celebrities have underlined the spirit of freedom among women via social media!

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Succumbing to the spurring significance of women empowerment all over the world which in various grounds has brought sudden change in the perception of community, Women Day has ignited the campaign even more and we are definitely supporting it to the fullest. Every woman needs to stand up at frontline to secure one’s rights. Pakistani Celebrities are predominantly using their platform to encourage women to stand out as an individual and support each other no matter what. Top Notch celebrities have accentuated the value of women in the society.

Here are certain captions and pictures shared by renowned and most followed celebrities on social media!

Sarwat Gillani:

Owing to this auspicious day, the most celebrated actress of recent time Sarwat Gillani has brought attention to different aspect of women’s power and we are quite impressed by this idea. She persistently emphasized on the support a women can give to another women as sometimes that’s the only thing that matters. Understanding and strengthening each other consequently would turn you into graceful persona. She also shared the ladies in her life that supported her till now which includes, Nelofar Shahid,Atiqa Khan,sonya Battla and Sameena Peerzada and the list goes on.

Hira Mani:

Hira Mani has credited his mother for what she is right now as she states that she supported her in her journey throughout and that’s what she wants to toughen women around her via encouraging them wholly!

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Neelum Muneer:

Awarded by the organization on Women’s Day in an event, Neelum Muneer showcased the exquisite way to portray women strength to the world. We are enthralled quite enough at her flawless message to the women! Grabbed our attention solemnly due to her optimistic approach and the way she is asserting the energy to resonate!

Mawra Hoccane:

Appreciating the powerful vibes her mother gave her in pursuing her career, Mawra Hoccane has shared an adorable picture with her mother. Left us awed totally by her affection through message that shows her utter love for the women that inspires her throughout her life!


Ayesha omer:

Taking time out during her travel while sitting at Jinnah Terminal, she conveyed the powerful yet significant views about women empowerment. Topping it all off with her secret ingredient that

strengthened her is her mother and many inspirational women that crafted her way to success. Also she emphasizes on finding the true you that would eventually justify your existence!