Why Women Prefer Men with Beards or stubble?


Talking about the trends for men with facial hair, full bearded look or clean-shaven, this discussion has been done many times. But the reasons to why any look gets the most attention towards the opposite gender are meaningful.


The reason to why women get attracted to men with light facial stubble or beard has been found out by carrying out research on this topic. A group of fellow researchers allowed a number of women to sit down and give their feedback about the attractiveness factor they find in men. The research was carried out to figure out the reasons why women get attracted to men with their looks, facial beard look, clean shave or light stubble.


The study found that the men with more masculinized face were found to be more attractive by the women. Several studies have shown that women are more attracted towards men with light hair/stubble as compared to clean-shaven looks.


According to women’s views, clean shaven men tend to look more feminized and less attractive as those with masculine faces. In other words, they look for potential husbands and long life partners with masculine face. A stubble look has been found to be the most attractive overall with high ratings for short term relationship goals rather than full beards.


Most charming Men Celebrities with stubble



David Beckham




Imran Abbas




Ranbir Kapoor




Ryan Gosling



Full beards were for those women looking for long term relationships. Beard can be so meaningful, who knows about that? But a factor being found out by researchers says that men with beard look gives women a sense of benefit during their menstrual cycle and can provide with the direct benefits of enhanced fertility and survival.


Science explains why a beard look makes men look hotter as opposed to clean shaven looks. The attractiveness factor increases as the facial hair increases. The men tend to look healthier with full beards rather than with clean-shaven looks. Full bearded man is supposed to have best parenting skills and maturity in social matters. The thick beard or stubble look is an indication of high masculine factor.


Treat yourself well with a razor and make a nice beard to welcome your ladies with full arms and an attractive personality. Additionally it will benefit you and your female partner during the fertility cycle when you are trying to conceive or deal with intimate relationships, it’s better to grow out your facial hair out. Increasing the level of attractiveness in your partner’s eyes can definitely give a sex boost drive in your relationship.


It has been proven by many researches that women prefer a well-groomed, masculine characteristic to be attractive. But the preferences might change with the own choices and mate goals. The facial hair can be attractive for some women, while others can turn it down. Sometimes the women desire to have some male for a short-term or long-term relationship and can choose accordingly. Different degrees of facial hair and alterations can be attractive –

Clean- shaven, light beard, thick beard, heavy stubble, short beard.

Researchers have indicated that women find light beard men with stubble looks to be most attractive for a sex partner and full beard faces are rated as masculine, aggressive, dominant, good parenting ability and socially mature partners.



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