Women March 2020: Things are getting serious and something big is coming our way via Pakistani celebrities on 8th March!

Women empowerment, women rights restoration and raising voice against the violence on women all across country have been key elements to accentuate on Women’s International day. From past 3 years, march /rally came out in support of women who are being oppressed, facing atrocities and malicious act conducted by certain areas of country. The main purpose is to secure, protect and stand for those women who can’t express their own issues valiantly. But due to some uncanny slogans have changed the purpose and perspective utterly. Many NGOs come upfront to demand basic rights for women but lately it has been turned into something else. Slogans like “Mera jism meri marzi” & “ khana khud garam karlo” have created a havoc in society and everyone has his/her own perception of these slogans that lead to bashing.

In a live show when Khalil ur Rehman used inappropriate words for Pakistani Journalists, these slogans have surmounted even more on social media and Pakistani celebrities are showcasing thei views regarding the matter explicitly through social media platforms!

If we keep these valiant expressions of views about Khalil ur Rehman by these top-notch Pakistani celebrities, then we are prone to speculate that something big is on our way on Women International Day this year. The way our Pakistani artists are responding on their social media this time, it had never been witnessed before!

We might get to see our beloved celebrities joining the rally on large scale and voice out the slogans along with feminists on streets. As the hype is created to an extent that everyone is bashing each other on social media and portraying their own definitions of “Mera Jisam Meri Marzi”! Not only that, Many production studios have suspended the deals they had done with writer Khalil ur Rehman owing to Pakistani celebrities influence. Seems like the writer’s career is in hot water if he would not apologize to the famed journalist Marvi Sirmed.

Here are some bold statements against Khalil ur Rehman and in favour of the notorious slogan “mera Jism meri marzi” by Pakistani celebrities;

Mahira Khan has been quite active in this matter and fearlessly spoken out against the writer;

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