Wicked character based movie Venom has released now: Tom Hardy taking it to distinctive aura


Ruben Fleischer directorial Venom is a comic-book movie on the character of the same name. It stars Tom Hardy in the lead role. The movie also stars Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. Unlike the usual backstory of the character in comics, Tom Hardy’s portrayal will not depend on Spider-Man, since there is no Spider-Man in this universe, at least not so far. So Venom’s origin is a vast departure from the wisdom.

In venom series,spider man was the first one who encountered symbiote that initially gave it power and made his web more stronger but simultaneously it gave some evil features in his personality and took over him so to get rid of it spider man used sonic waves originated from bells sound so the symbiote is basically sensitive to fire and sonic waves.

symbiote then went towards it new host which is Eddie Brock. A quote from the comic goes, “You’re Eddie Brock. I’m the symbiote. Together we are Venom.” Eddie Brock usually has a reason to hate Peter and the symbiote feeds off that hatred. Depending on the storyline, Venom can be a villain or an anti-hero and even an friend to the web-slinger.

Venom,here is Eddie Brock exists in a universe without Spider-Man. So the symbiote’s first host is Eddie. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) is the head of a wicked organisation Life Foundation who is conducting experiments on real people by letting the symbiotes take over their bodies. Drake believes he is helping humanity by creating a better race, a “higher lifeform” as he calls it, so the humans would survive.

Released on 4th of October ,this movie depicts the character which is solemnly out of the box and evil that is exquisite from all the super hero stories.

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