Why women in present-day dramas are portrayed as CHEATERS??Changing drama trends or reality?

Pakistani dramas have always been impactful one way or other, they do bring massive changes in our society’s perception. Women being an eminent part of the plays have always been portrayed as submissive and who remains quiet even if any injustice is exuded. But as the thinking and mindset of people are evolving, we have seen a clear change in our dramas content as well. Speaking of which, many dramas like Mere Pass Tum Ho, Cheekh, Baaghi, Ruswae and much more, have gained attention of viewers in terms of their exquisite portrayal of women and how out spoken they are about their rights.

So as we have witnessed some Pakistani dramas that have taken a step ahead and depicted a distinctive edge, many controversies created a buzz on social media.

Mere Pass Tum ho:

A married woman who feel in love with another man and eventually end up losing everything, raise many questions regarding the matter. It heightened the problem that prevails in our society and somewhat damages our roots.

Mein na Janoon:

Beside the fact, the character Syra had been blackmailed by Nehat to spend time with him but it still is a form of cheating as “Nain” trusts his wife blindly.


It’s not only about women cheating her husband, a common issue that we have faced in today’s era is the cheating or should we say ditching your best friend for your own personal benefits. That’s exactly what has been portrayed in drama Gul-o-Gulzar!

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