Why watch Cheat India? Is Emraan Hashmi making it worth watch by playing racketeer?

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Pointing out towards the plagued, unjust and flawed education system of India, the movie came up with the content that has a lot of diversity and could be presented in the most exhilarating way possible. Taking Emraan Hashmi as the con and the scammer is the smart move as Emraan Hashmi has the expertise in playing such dodging characters with utter perfection. Daunting the unconventional system of the entry test in the top notch universities have tormented much of the diligent and audacious students to end up in disappointment and lead them to severe consequences.

Soumik Sen managed to create an entry scene of Hero Rakesh as a violent and unscrupulous person who can go to any extreme to reach his goal which is MONEY of course! Failed in the medical test several times which made him challenge and even ditching the education system, crafted his own way towards ambiguous system. Not really concerned about the innocent masses that came in his way, but he valiantly take cash amount from the rich parents to get their dumb child admitted in the top universities via sending brilliant students giving the exams on behalf of their kids and the brutal part of the movie is that Rakesh did not fulfill the promise even then and he deep down knew he would be questioned undermined his con actions. He managed to get away every time he get caught as he definitely knew how to save himself.

Portraying his family life the right way, the director elaborated the reasons why he has find his way towards taking down the education system to its feet. Not happy with his married life and finally finding his love with another girl is another edge to the character which was exceptionally portrayed and we were quite impressed by the balance he kept. Round of applause for that, but still we might get to the conclusion that director was quite in fit in how to bring forth the character to the audience whether negative or positive. As Rakesh felt guilty at the end of unintentionally taking life of Satu, the boy he used to send to the examination halls in place of rich, not so deserving kids.

Justifying his act in the court, insulting the entry system to get admissions in the universities, Rakesh has done stupendous speech on the educational system and government that lead the deserving kids to even commit suicide and ruin their futures as the seats are not sufficient for all the qualified students. Lack of concentration on systems and people opting for illegal way to make their lives worthwhile is a big question mark for the system itself! We can highlight the content of the movie to be outstanding but we are not so sure about the script and portrayal of the movie in the right way! It could be manifested with so much more conviction if much of the work has been done on the storyline rather than focusing on the ways to get people fooled!