Why Social Media Influencers Are Integral to Online Shopping Culture

In today’s climate of hyper-competitive technologies, social influencers have more sway with younger consumers than conventional advertising. Almost all companies dealing in consumer-related products and services rely heavily on influencer endorsements and rightly so because an influencer can connect with the public on so many different levels. Contrary to advertising where celebrities act out a given script, influencers present a more honest opinion after trying out the products.

In Pakistan this influencer culture has reached its epitome, almost all brands have taken influencers on board to spread their message. Even the government has invited vloggers from different parts of the world to promote tourism in Pakistan. The viewership has shifted from electronic media to social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most sought-after platforms for branding.

Daraz, Pakistan’s largest E-commerce company has also taken an initiative to involve social media influencers to give a better insight into its customers. Daraz has launched DLeague where influencers relating to different fields give video reviews of the products. These include top fashion, makeup, technology, travel, and food bloggers.

Bilal Munir who goes by the name ‘video walisarkar’ makes videos about the latest tech gadgets from the top brands. The influencer has over 700K subscribers on his YouTube channel and gets millions of views. Similarly, Maroosha who goes by the name ‘Maroosha’s makeup’ is a makeup expert and discusses the latest makeup trends and gives tips and tricks on looking fabulous on your special occasions. You can even find her top picks to select the brands she uses for her perfect tutorials. With over 100K followers on YouTube, she is busy taking over the world of beauty.   

With DLeague you can get a glimpse into the lives of your favorite influencers to jazz up your lifestyle. It makes online shopping fun and removes all doubts when you are purchasing something. A lot of people watch these influencers even if they don’t want to buy anything. This influencer culture has become part of our routine. They present the perfect picture of life through their quintessential pictures.

It’s not just the online stars who are present on DLeague some of the most renowned celebrities are also on the platform who have collaborated with different brands. Juggun Kazim represents Garnier and her most recent video talks about the hair colors and new looks men and women can pull off. Nadia Hussain endorses her makeup brand and talks about in her videos.

DLeague is a new trend in online shopping and it makes Ecommerce business more customer-centric and engaging

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