WHO is says Justin Bieber in depression? Let’s find out!

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Justin Bieber has constantly been in the news, the singer is having mental health issues. However, the sources also claim that these issues are totally unrelated to his marriage with Hailey Baldwin. The sources further stated that he has been struggling a bit and seems to be tired all the time. As said, the issues aren’t related to his marriage with Hailey and just something that he is struggling with, mentally.

The report further revealed that he is being treated for the same and has help. Justin was also seen with his pastor from Hillsong church, Carl Lentz, on Monday in Los Angeles. Justin also revealed how he is having a hard time in trusting people and he thinks that people are using him and aren’t really by his side. He further revealed how he feels the writers are only wanting to get something out of him so that the same can be used against him.

He further revealed that trusting himself is one of the biggest things and he knows he has made some bad decisions, both personally and in relationships and they have not only affected his confidence but also his judgement in the same. He also said how he has has a hard time in trusting Hailey as well and that they have been working things out.

Well, this isn’t the first time that the singer has been in the news for not being in the right frame of mind, and was spotted earlier in a car while crying along with Hailey in the car. We wish him a speedy recovery and good health ahead.