Where the hell is Preity Zinta?

A lot of reasons have been attributed to Preity Zinta’s long absence from the screen. But the real story behind her disappearing act has been a well-kept secret, until now. Finally, after all these years, Preity is willing to talk about it. She says she had a nasty fall when she was in the US, which left her back badly injured.
Preity says, “I couldn’t bend. I couldn’t move. I was on constant medication and painkillers. My life revolved around medical tests and physiotherapy. I was unable to move, walk or do anything for more than two months. Everybody wanted to know why I was not doing any films. But I couldn’t do anything! I don’t want to even think about it.”
Her mother was by her side throughout. “The only thing that I want to remember from that dark period is my mom. She was constantly there. I couldn’t have been back on my feet were it not for her,” she says. Now that she has fully recovered, Preity is resolute about getting back to work. “I am not going to say no to any work. I will soon be starting new films. I am also getting into a new business venture.”
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