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London, England (CNN) — William says he wants his marriage to Kate to “last forever,” according to royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

A royal snapper of 30 years with British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Edwards has scooped some of the biggest royal stories of recent years.

He was there when William and Kate officially announced their engagement and says William told the press over a cup of tea: “‘I want this marriage to last forever.”

“I felt that was the great thing from that day,” said Edwards whose scoops include the first press picture of a teenage Lady Diana Spencer. He also broke the news of William and Kate’s 2007 breakup.

Edwards, whose many years on the royal beat mean William and Charles know him on a first name basis, says the prince’s determination to make his marriage work is probably a result of watching so many royal unions fail.
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“His aunt, his uncle and his father — all their marriages ended in divorce,” he said. “Both of them must have given this (their marriage) a lot of thought.”

Here Edwards shares his thoughts on the relationship between the future King of England and his bride-to-be.

On William and Kate as a couple …

She probably got the world’s most eligible bachelor and a really nice, nice young man, too, with a really great sense of humor. They both laugh an awful lot, which is, I think a great recipe for every marriage.

They are so comfortable together, they’re like they’re already married. He puts his arm around her. He talks to her. They look at each other and you can see they’re conveying their thoughts just by looking at each other.

He’s just so proud of her. I remember after they got engaged Video, I was with him in the City of London and I said, ‘That all went so well.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but didn’t she do so well?’ He was so proud of the fact that she’d come through that big ordeal. They had a mass of people in there Video and she braved all that. The questions were being fired at her, but she coped with it very well and he was so proud of her.

On the engagement announcement …
I’m told that Charles and Camilla absolutely adore her. They think she’s a fantastic girl
–Royal photographer Arthur Edwards.
It was a great day. We all went to the Palace and we had tea with the pair of them (Prince William and Kate Middleton.) We chatted and could ask them any question that we wanted to — they were so honest and up front.

The most important thing he (William) said was, ‘I want this marriage to last forever.’ His aunt, his uncle and his father — all their marriages ended in divorce — both of them must have given this a lot of thought. I felt that was the great thing from the day.

On Kate and the royals …

I’m told that Charles and Camilla absolutely adore her. They think she’s a fantastic girl. Of course she met the Queen. She met the Queen at Peter Phillip’s wedding, and the Queen’s a very charming lady.

But you know, his (Charles’) staff absolutely adore her. It’s all very well the royals liking you, but when their staff like you — when the cooks like you and the butler likes you and the chauffeur likes you, then you know you’re okay.

On Kate and William’s 2007 breakup …

I watched her when she played tennis and she just kept smiling and behaving, like ‘No one’s going to see how bad I feel inside.’ I think she was very impressive. Of course we never saw William. He was flying his helicopter somewhere. I thought she coped brilliantly and she would’ve never spoken to a newspaper I suspect.

When it’s bad for them (the royal family) you never see them. Whenever there’s a problem, they just disappear in one of the palaces. But of course, there was no palace for her (Kate) to disappear into. So she just took it straight on the chin and she was brilliant.

On lessons from Charles and Diana …

Charles was a lot older than her (Diana) and although they had a great sense of humor, they didn’t have it. Charles took Diana to this polo match and then on the Royal Yacht and a year later they were married.

Kate and William have done the same degree — part of the same degree — at university, they’re the same age, they like the same art, they like the same books. Their whole life is different.

These people know each other very well. They know exactly what to expect from each other. It’s a whole different ball game; this is two people going on to another stage in their life.

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