What? Justin-hailey planning to have a baby?

Justin Bieber, 24, is SO excited about the idea of becoming a daddy! The singer is already thinking about starting a family with his new wife, Hailey Baldwin, 22, and although there’s no pregnancy just yet, he wouldn’t mind if it happened sooner rather than later. “Justin & Hailey talk about kids all the time,”  “They are enjoying all the things that married couples do together in private and are not actively trying to prevent a pregnancy, so big baby news could be on the way soon.”

The lovebirds, who are reportedly getting ready to have an official wedding in Feb. to celebrate their vows, are both all about taking on the role of mother and father. But Justin is really anticipating the moment more than ever before. “Justin loves little kids and has total baby fever, while Hailey is being sweeter and open to whatever the universe may have in store for them as a young family,” the source continued. “It is important for them to have a party celebrating their vows before having kids, and they are planning that now, so everything with them is moving pretty fast at this point.”

After Justin and Hailey legally tied the knot in a New York City courthouse in Sept. 2018, they were in no rush to have babies — so what changed their minds in the months since? “Now that Justin is about to have another birthday, he feels like he is getting older and ready to start a family with Hailey,” our source adds. Keep in mind that Justin is turning 25 right after the rumored day of his wedding, Feb. 28! “Justin has always wanted to be a young father, and now that he is about to turn 25, and married to the woman he loves, he feels the timing is right to get started on his family,” our source continues.

So, JB was just waiting for that perfect age to become a dad, and 25 may just may be it — or at least, just a little past that. “While he is not in too much of a rush to hurry things up, he also does not want to wait too long either,” our source explains. “He is ready, happy and excited about his future family life with Hailey and turning 25 is a milestone and a big deal to him.”

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