How well you know Hina Ashfaque


1: Tell us something about Yourself?

I’m way moody, over sensitive, hyper active, but funny and a happy person.

2:Your first TV Experience?

Miss Veet 2014 that was my first experience over all

3: Describe your journey in media industry ?

It was a fun ride with lots of struggle.

4: Your role Model and Strength?

My Mother is my role model Her lifestyle inspires me every time and my strength is my father who always motivates me!

5: You cant live without?

Freedom, Happiness, Family and close Friends, and off course my Cat..!

6: If you have one thing to change in yourself what would it be?

Nothing…! I’m happy the way I’m.. or maybe I’ll just add few inches in my height. Lol

7: Money or Success?

Happiness.. lots n lots of happiness

8: Why Modelling?

Well… the only thing I can say is, modelling or acting isn’t my hobby or just profession its my passion!

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