Wear Organic Armor

By Sahrish Riaz

Amidst doldrums of the chaotic brew we are bearing hard with, the dengue out-break is life threating epidemic that is most vulnerable to children and the older generation.  Look out for the white spotted plague that, ironically, breeds in clean water. Following last year’s rising toll in fatal consequences, there is yet no remedy and cure for the lethal widespread. It’s confusing deciding on one’s own instinct to choose remedy from the papaya tree, the homeopathic or rely on repellents.

Wear the organic armor. That’s the best remedy. Especially when it comes to children; uncontrollable, exuberant and fearless, putting a repellent lotion is not enough. As dengue calls everyone to dress up head to toe, even school uniforms have redesigned for preventive measure. Looking for good stylish full covered clothing for kids is quite a quest. Unnu aur Sulle have come as saving grace. Sister company for Shubinak and created by Looptex, Unnu aur Sullee has endeavored to knit fabulous collection of organic covered shirts. It is the only apparel that has introduced dengue outfits for children.

‘Unnu  aur Sullee’ are two kids out on the mission to save millions of children across the nation with their exclusively outfits that are climate friendly. Designed for their Dengue campaign, it is pure organic cotton apparel. Styled to safeguard, the full sleeve ribbed cuff and ribbed neck shirts keep the mosquito away, yet made with such durability that it’s comfortable to wear.  The cotton used at Shubinak is purely organic from fields to factory. Organic cloths are dyed and finished in the factories with 100% eco-friendly chemicals.

The Eco-fashion trend is yet setting in amongst Pakistanis. Most outfits designed these days are not dengue-preventive. The high priced ensembles for kids are made of the finest quality, but it does not adhere to protective measures against the white spotted plague.  Perhaps ‘Unnu and Sullee’ will help keep our kids safe from Dengue.

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