“we share bond which is beyond any label” stated Asim Azhar answering the trolls!

Pakistani singer Asim Azhar took to his social media to counter the trolls regarding Hania Amir and his relationship status. In a live session, Hania Amir cleared the air by stating that Asim Azhar is only a good friend and we are not in a relationship. From then on, many socialites and Twitterati started trolling the singer as he had been friend zoned by the actress. When a fan asked Hania Amir about his relation with Asim, the actress valiantly stated;

To this Hania said, “He’s asking if we’re still together. We’re friends, we’re not together, we’re not dating, we’re not a couple. But we are best friends.”

Asim Azhar voiced his thoughts regarding the matter through social media and slammed down the haters by saying;

Asim said, ” As Hania said, the bond we share is beyond anyone’s comprehension. It is bigger than any label for me.”

” Tou aram se betho saare, har jaga muhalle ki phuppo nahi bante, ( So sit back and relax. No need to be a gossipy aunt),” he said. Adding further, Asim praised Hania for playing an important role in his life. ” She’s the kindst and most beautiful human. I will always be there for her and vice versa because that’s the impact she’s had on me. Made me learn to give and love. Like I said. It is beyond a label,” Asim concluded.

As they share wonderful chemistry with each other, Pakistanis assume it to be something else going on between them. It’s not the first time both cleared the air about their relationship on media. While talking to Aima Baig, Hania Amir was asked by a fan the same question to which she awkwardly answered. She stated that Asim Azhar and I ae just friends and I m focusing merely on my career.

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