Ways to Incorporate Vegetables into Your Diet

It’s a saying that a healthy body has a healthy mind. So to have a perfect body fitness and health it is necessary to eat vegetables.


They are best nutritious for the body. Vegetables are loaded with a number of nutrients, which can help you watch your weight as well as boost your well being. But if you find it difficult to eat vegetables or you don’t like them then follow these simple tips to add vegetables into your diet so that you can easy eat them.


  • Add them to your omelet

Eggs are favourite item of many people. If you eat it then it is easier to eat vegetables with it. Make an omelette and add vegetable into it. In fact, you will eat vegetables with this healthy omelette for your breakfast too. Try your own combination of vegetables and add a generous severing of it to your eggs.

  •  Blend them into a healthy smoothie

Vegetables are also good if you want to lose weight. If you can’t have green leady veggies, try a veggie smoothie to blend them and transform them into a scrumptious drink. Add vegetables like kale or spinach along with bananas and strawberries to make a power packed drink for weight loss.

  • Soup

Soup is also healthy for body. It’s easy to make also. You can chop a few vegetables and add them to your soup. Once they get mixed with all your sauces, you won’t mind the taste at all. You could also puree vegetables into soup. Vegetables like carrot; cauliflower etc. can be transformed into a delicious creamy soup.

  • Plate up a veggie platter with a taste dip

Instead of munching on fries and chips, you can simple substitute them with fresh vegetables like carrot, sweet potato or cucumber.  Add a sour cream dip or a dip of your choice to enhance the taste further. Veggies will not only add healthy nutrients to your diet but will also help you cut down on unwanted calories.

  • Opt for a salad with good seasoning

A good seasoning can enhance the taste of any salad. You can either opt for homemade seasoning or buy some at the grocery. The right seasoning can improve the taste of the vegetables in your salad. You can eat this salad as a meal or even as an appetiser.

  • Fired vegetables

You can also eat fired vegetable. Take some carrots, potato and other vegetable which you can have, fry them all and add some salth and favour sauces it in and cook them for ten mints. Its the most simple and easiest way to eat them. It yummy also.

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