Wasim Akram turned into a cook during quarantine!

Played almost for a decade in the field as a renowned cricketer and now as a commentator, Wasim Akram is trying hard to stay home. As the whole country is locked down and no one is allowed to go out for some days, Pakistani legendary cricketer Wasim Akram have found himself another time pass and that is cooking. He stated that he has cook in his house and he learnt cooking from him during quarantine. Quarantine life has been tough for most of the people who used to go out often and we can definitely relate to the boredom while sitting at home. The cricketer urged people to indulge in productive way of spending time and don’t sit idle. Besides, spend a quality time with your family and make most out of this free time.

“I have a cook book at home from which I have learnt to make steamed fish, tuna strips and pulao during the quarantine so far,” shared Wasim.“I’ve even noted the timings to add the ingredients,” he said.

“This period is making me learn things that I’ve never done in my life.” It is important to be busy, don’t stress about future, especially for things that are not in your hands,”

He has also shared pictures on his Instagram in which he is playing with his daughter Aiyla and even his daughter doing his hairdo;

“Don’t just sit and watch the television all night. Read something and spend time with your kids,”

Wasim Akram has been cricket icon for so many years owing to his impeccable talent and astounding grip on his skills. After retirement he had become a stupendous commentator and proved himself at every ground.

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