Walking in the Yogen Wonderland

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

‘Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight; we’re happy tonight. Walking in a winter ……… Yogen Wonderland.’ Perhaps Christmas isn’t here, yet the aura and ambiance at Yogen Fruz takes you to a wonderland filled with perfect holiday bliss. The excitement to taste fresh dairy frozen yogurt is beyond imagination.

Yogen Fruz, world’s leading frozen yogurt has opened its door in Lahore amidst the changing climatic condition. Despite the chill that’s begun to prevail, inside their flagship store at DHA Lahore the temperature is just right to relish fro-yo. The fact that makes Yogen Fruz the most awaited frozen yogurt brand in Pakistan is because it’s proven probiotic and dairy fro-yo. “The milk used is pasteurized and homogenized, which is not how other brands do it. Other brands’ products are iced products, whereas Yogun Fruz is extremely creamy and is at par in texture with any premium frozen dairy product,” shared Carlos Campo, Vice President Yogen Fruz, who flew in from Canada. Yogen Fruz is low in fat, high in calcium and has probiotics. To enhance the health benefits, many different blends are offered like anti-oxidant, energy and protein blend. There are no artificial ingredients added to the product. That’s what makes it an absolute favorite healthy pick for mothers and their children. Additionally, there are sorbets and desserts for the lactose sensitive folks.

There’s huge array of flavors to choose from. The excitement is stimulating. The adventure is thrilling. A scoop of Yogen Fruz provides a pleasurable escapade from daily chaotic routine. Drop in for a quick snack at lunch while at work. Get lost in the wonderland.  The temptation to treat your taste buds knows no bounds.  “The exciting flavors and toppings for Yogen Fruz come from the best orchids of the world. Strawberries, black current and kiwi fruit from Australia, blueberry from Canada, mango and papaya from Thailand, pineapple from Philippines, leeches from China, cherry from the US, raspberries from Poland and chocolate from none other than Italy,” said Basir Syed, CEO MFK foods and master franchise owner  in Pakistan.

Yogen Fruz has developed a unique blending system that combines its nutritious frozen yogurt with delicious fresh fruit, which allows you to customize your own flavor combination. Especially if you’re looking for the ultimate Yogen Fruz experience, go for U – Serve. Be wild. Be daring. Create your own Yogen Fruz by combining the rarest flavors together such as blueberry with vanilla. Top it! Mix it! Blend it with fruits, nuts, bonbons, waffles or hot chocolate sauce. The experience is unique, unshared anywhere else in the world.

Have your kids choose from the buffet. Let them indulge in the trill to savor the amazing flavors. Yogen Fruz, as claimed by many, is ice-cream without asthma. Dr Mariam Richard, head of gynecology at Sir Ganga Ram hospital suggests Yogen Fruz as a safe pick for children. “It’s a healthy alternative for ice cream despite the winters. Plus, moms-to-be should have it in their diet plan. Unlike fresh yogurt that contains live bacteria, which can penetrate the placenta and harm both baby and the mom, Yogen Fruz is harmless.” Celebrities like Courtney Cox, Denise Richard and Brook Shields are a few amongst many Hollywood moms who prefer Yogen Fruz for their children and themselves.

After its successful launch in Lahore, the desire to have Yogen Fruz in Karachi is high on demand. Yogen Fruz with all vigor is enthused to open in Karachi during January. There’s no escape from drowning yourself in the exotic experience. The bliss of Yogen Wonderland has already prevailed because Yogen Fruz always indulges in everything that’s about U.

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