Walk the ramp Meera-style!


KARACHI: Lollywood star Meera is not new to the world of fashion and style. Making an appearance on the fifth episode of “Veet Miss Super Model Contest 2012”, the diva gave aspiring models tips on how to make it big in the fashion world.

However, it was Meera at the end of the day, so her advice turned into something else — something rather strange.

Handy tips

1. For a video shoot, try to understand your director and camera-man’s [needs].

2. Work-out.

3. Give yourself a daily dose of self-admiration and praise every morning. Tell yourself: I am the best and nobody is as pretty as I am. This will boost your confidence.

4. Life is a stage and you have to act.

5. You cannot be pampered by your seniors all the time.

Meera’s words

•  She complemented a contestant saying, “Bohot cute face hai aap ka and you look very sexy babe [You have a cute face].” Although it’s not something a mentor would say, but we’ll admit that was probably “nice”.

•  The complimenting, however, took a queer turn when she said to another contestant, “You look like one of those Hollywood ki larkiyan; Michael Jackson ki sister ki tarha [You look like one of those Hollywood celebrities — like Michael Jackson’s sister].” But she wasn’t done as she added, “Is your mom from Pakistan and dad from Africa?” Thank you for the positive words Meera and no, no one was offended.

• “Bohot mast. Sweet,” another comment Meera passed that day, probably the least offensive, so thank you!

Walk the ramp Meera-style!

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