Ushna Shah apologized for tweet against Doctors dance!

The actress lately made insensitive remarks about doctors and paramedics who are making videos and trying to lessen the grim by fun videos. Ushna Shah called it waste of time amidst corona virus outbreak clearly forgetting that they are under immense pressure and danger. They are not getting rest at all as the paramedic’s staff and doctors are less in number as compare to patients.

The actress offended many people due to her remarks on twitter and faced heavy backlash from twitteratis owing to her comments on doctors. She apologized and thanked doctors again for their services and valiantly facing the crisis at the front line.

“I wanted to quickly post this to clarify and apologize for a tweet that has caused some offense,” said Ushna in a long note for an apology.” Ushna stated that she had been conflicted and confused because she had seen (in the media) that the hospitals were understaffed and the staff was in a dire need of sleep. “However, that momentary confusion was tone-deaf and unwarranted. I don’t work in a hospital. I don’t know what the frontliners are going through,”

“Thank You and I vehemently apologize for any offense caused whatsoever. I am in absolutely no position to question what the doctors and nurses do to take the edge off. We owe them our lives.”

Ushna Shah had always been vocal when it comes to social issues and showed her stance regarding the matter. It’s good gesture by the actress that she realized her mistake and took back her insensitive remarks
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