Unveiling the interesting facts about Maula Jutt 2 you don’t want to miss out for sure! Movie Date Released!!

Pakistani Industry is evolving so rapidly that we have almost forgot the former movie culture as we are contented to witness the outstanding evolution of movie culture that depicts the true essence of Pakistan rather than violent and blood shedding. The young producers and educated directors had stepped into the field to wipe out all the stereotype thinking based movies and brought some amazing storylines, cast, script and direction edge to the Lollywood movies. No doubt they are competing and even exceeding the bollywood movies.

We are looking forward to Maula Jutt 2 as it grabbed our attention because of its old school name but we have been assured by the director Bilal Lashari that it would be somewhat different from the original Maula Jutt and not be showing any “gandasa” culture for sure.

The best part about this movie is its exquisite star studded cast that made us all go awestruck as it casts Fawad Khan, Mahira khan, HamzaAli Abbasi and Humaima malik in their leading roles to be exact. The director Bilal Lashari also said,” “Waar was appreciated for its stylistic elements, but was criticized for its script, which is why I want to spend more time on Maula Jatt’s script.” To pull off the best shape of his character, Hamza Ali Abbasi has been concentrating on his muscle symmetry, endurance level and exercises. Fawad Khan will play the role of Maula Jatt opposite to Noori Nath played by Hamza Ali Abbasi.  Leading ladies will be Mahira Khan and Humaima Malick who will be essaying the roles of Mukkho Jatti and Daroo Natti.

Ammara Hikmat has also indulged in the project and replaced Shammon Abbasi and Adnan Jaffar. The major part of the movie would be shot in Punjab and guess what..it would be three long languages Punjabi, English and urdu waoo! It would be great to experience that feel! Bilal lashari also elaborated about the script as he was criticized over the Waar script so he tends to pay more concentration on Maula Jutt”s script keeping the soul of the script intact by furnishing it with the best! So by his statements about the movie we are have profound idea about this upcoming movie to hit the screens with utter success at the box office due to its distinctive style and exclusive cast!

Not to forget the mesmerizing chemistry of fawad khan Mahira Khan in Humsafar, the center of attention for fans would be this charming couple.peeking into the release date of this most anticipated movie by far has been disclosed first by Hamza Ali Abbasi which might be next year in june 2019 on Eid ul Fitr.

As our movies are en route to exceptional content and best actors are taking part in establishing the Lollywood charisma back to the screens we are highly excited to experience the ultimate roller coaster of changing aura!

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