Universal primary Education and Pakistan

Education is a pillar which plays an important role in the socialization of a child. Therefore due to its importance it is kept on 2nd top priority in MDG’s (Millennium Development Goals). Globally every country is taking it seriously to provide basic primary education to their people. Education is key structure which play very important role in the development of a nation.

In Pakistan, the condition of education is quite miserable. Our Literacy rate is said to be 56 % and a person is considered a literate in Pakistan who can write his or her name and read a letter so we can imagine the reliability of this figure, despite of the entire struggles, plans, conferences our literacy figure did not increase and still Pakistan is facing illiteracy rate issues.

Pakistan spend 60 % of total GDP on defense, that is why we feel safe in our homes because we know our borders are safe, Pakistan army is among the top Armies in the world, but our dilemma is we are spending only 2.3 % of our GDP in education field which is nothing especially for developing countries. According to Education For All Global Monitory Report (2012), approx 5.1 million children in Pakistan are out of school, which is the 2nd highest number in the world 63 % of who are girls. Government of Pakistan has committed to allocate 7 % share of its GDP in order to achieve the said target.

UNESCO annual education report “Education For All Global Monitoring Report” (2013-14) says that in Pakistan rich boys and girls are expected to complete primary school by 2020 but on recent trends poor boys will reach this fundamental target only in late 2050’s and poor girls just before the end of the century. During past few years Pakistan is facing some serious issues such as natural disasters like floods, earthquake, famine and war against terror. So under such condition it is very hard for government to make efforts on education. In past decade our literacy rate is improved but still Pakistan is among the last 14 countries who have more than 1 million out of school children. We have to take this problem seriously because without education we cannot compete in global market.

Rizwan B.S Hons (Replica)

Sociology, University of the Punjab, Lahore

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