One of the pioneers of Pakistani Pop music in the 80s and 90s, legendary singer Alamgir’s s original song Maine Tumhari Gagar Se’.has been resurrected in pop sensation Umair Jaswal’s contemporary and energetic rendition ‘Gagar. which was released on November 20th 2020 (alongwith Atif Aslam’s Kadi Te Hans Bol’ and Natasha Noorani’s ‘Baby Baby’) on Velo Sound Station’s YouTube channel which has close to 50 thousand subscribers. The response has been nothing less than astounding.

“The feedback has been phenomenal! ” ‘ Umair says. “The song received 3 million views on its social media platform in less than two days. It was a great feeling that people connected to the song.. It’s always fun when you create something and it goes viral and it becomes a trend.”
Fans are not merely following the song but also the ‘Gagar Kick’ and ‘Gagar Dance.’.
Says Umair excitedly “People are sending videos from their shaadis (weddings) ; home lounges or sitting in their cars dancing or bopping to the song.”

Umair believes the frenzy and craze for ‘Gagar’ will grow even more with time..
“Even with lockdown restrictions the wedding season is soon upon us.,” Umair says. “I personally know people who are already dancing and practicing to the song.”

Umair says ‘Gagar’ is a song for people to enjoy. It rekindles many of our happy childhood memories and reminds us of all our life’s joyful moments in addition to helping us all to forget the worries we are undergoing right now as a nation and as as human beings.

‘Gagar’ is a breath of fresh air during the pandemic. Nothing makes me happier than to make people enjoy themselves.”

Gagar was produced by multiple individuals predominantly by Ahsan Pervaiz with Bilal Maqsood looking over the song in its entirety. Umairs’ input was also included in how to instil energy into the song with the vocals.

“We wanted something energetic and fun which one could really dance to.” Umair says.
Umair says the idea for producing the song belongs entirely to Bilal Maqsood .

“Bilal is an absolute genius when it comes to bringing something back to life and creating a brand new rendition. He’s done it in the past and he’s done it again with ‘Gagar’. He is a phenomenal producer and knows how to recreate a song and how to write a song around a preexisting chorus. When he shared the idea with me I loved it so much that I could not refuse him. I am glad that he had complete faith in me that I would do justice to the song. “

As far as any changes were made to the original ‘Gagar’ , two major parts were used and the new version was written around the existing chorus and the lines written by Bilal Maqsood.’Pichlay raat ko Jummaraat ko teri galli sai mein guzaara tha.’

” Bilal is a phenomenal songwriter and a great lyricist ” Umair enthuses .
“Bilal’s process is that he takes the existing original chorus and builds a song around iit and encapsulates the whole essence of the original which he has done successfully with ‘Gagar that seamlessly tells a story which continues throughout the song” Umair adds .

Contemporary “New Age” flourishes were added including hooks, beats and drops as well as horns to render a very fresh, current and relevant sound . “All credit goes to Bilal and Ahsan for envisioning it in a brand new way .” Umair says

With the party and wedding season soon upon us ‘Gagar’ will most definitely become the season’s most in-demand and replayed dance song.

Umair says he would like to take the opportunity to thank Alamgir .
” Alamgir sahib is a living legend. We wanted to get in touch with him after getting permission from him to release the song . We also wanted to reach out to him and tell him how successful the song has become vitally . But we all know he has just come out of a kidney transplant surgery and is recovering. “

As for filling in Alamgir s musical shoes. Umair humbly stresses:
” Obviously no one can come close to the legend

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