Ultraderm by Dr. Madiha Rao: Ultimate answer to all your skin problems!

One of the ace dermatologists in Lahore, Dr, Madiha Rao has marked her place at the top owing to her spectacular work in the field of dermology. We are all prone to get flawless skin that boost our confidence, in order to attain it, we need to consult skin specialist. Dr.Madiha Rao has experience for over 15 years in treating skin related problems. Apart from that, many top-notch celebrities put their trust on her when it comes to their skin issues. 

Offering aesthetic services including filler, laser hair removal, lasers for scars and skin whitening, HydraFacial, PRP for hair loss, HiFu (non-surgical face lift that slims the face), botox, lipo freeze, vampire facial and many more. Redefining your beauty by amazing skin services and bringing back confidence by reducing aging elements, she has captured the attention pertaining to her excellence. Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous? And it seems like we have spotted the right dermatologist to accentuate your personality. Dr. Madiha Rao has profound skills as she captivates everyone by her magical work. Having over thousands of contented clienteles and years of experience, ace dermatologist Madiha Rao has been carving out the best versions of her clients by bringing into play her immaculate skills.

Ultraderm by Madiha Rao has gotten our praises for all the right reasons and recommend it to everyone who is looking forward to have spotless skin. 

Here are few skin care tips you should follow in your daily routine;

  1. Don’t take bathe too much in a day as it would take away natural oils and required moisture from your skin.
  2. Don’t use to much chemicals and soaps and use lukewarm water.
  3. Use a humidifier in winters as it would bring back moisture in your ambiance, keeping your skin healthy and glowing.
  4. Use sunscreen and moistyurize yourself after bath.
  5. When shaving, leave shaving cream for few minutes before starting off.
  6. Avoid sponges, scrub brushes and washcloths and don’t rub skin when toweling dry.
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