TUC- The Lighter Side of Life

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Finally, we have a talk-show that’s worthy of attention. Although, personally it seems heavily inspired by Koffee With Karan, TUC- The Lighter Side of Life is a breath of fresh air for Pakistani television. So far, I’ve watched all episodes except for the one with Talat Hussain. Mahira was a smart choice since she has a huge fan following but I definitely think she needs to be a little more focused and a little less casual. This attitude was perfect as a VJ, but not so much as a talk-show host.

Another thing that falls flat is the unnecessary flirting that takes place on the show. Ali Zafar was the worst so far! Yes, she’s a beautiful woman, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can hit on her so shamelessly. After a point, it gets tiring to sit through it. We didn’t get to know anything about Ali zafar as he was too busy hitting on Mahira. The second episode had Bushra Ansari– and Bushra shared some wonderful stories. Not exactly a huge fan of her, but her appearance on the show was decent. The third episode had Shoaib Malik. The episode totally bored me- I didn’t understand why he was on the show to begin with! I was especially irritated by the phone call to Saniya- the voice was unclear and it just looked very sloppy. Episode 5- Shoaib Akhtar was an entertaining guest too- he was very outspoken and confident. And finally, one of my favorite episodes was the recent one with Adeel Hussain and Shehreyaar Munawwar. I was surprized at how good Shereyar was. His acting leaves much to be desired but as a guest on the show, he was a delight to watch. Adeel Hussain is a great actor, and was a wonderful guest too.

I don’t follow any of the talk-shows but I tune in week after week because this show is appealing and the choice of guests is interesting. I do wish the script was a little more crisp. Mahira is doing well but she can certainly do much better with stronger writing.

Do you watch this show? What are your thoughts? Which episode was your favorite so far? Who are you looking forward to seeing?