Travel Blogger, Rabia Aftab, shared her exclusive travel experiences giving us some major travel goals!

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A passionate Pakistani traveler, Rabia Aftab has given us an ultimate motivation to believe in your dreams and passions. Brand Manager at a known MNC, the travel blogger has a dream to travel the world and she definitely has made us all wonder that nothing is impossible if you are determined and goal oriented. Rabia shared some exclusive details of her journey and some of the countries she has been to so far. Recently there has been a wave of international travelers and fascinated by her exploratory nature, we have faith that nothing can hinder your dreams if you follow what you really BELIEVE IN!!

A girl from this part of the world has set up an example for all who are reluctant to take risk and live the best versions of themselves. Rabia has been born and brought up in Pakistan but had that passion to explore the world and she did it brilliantly!

Exceptionally stunned by the number of countries she has traveled so far; we couldn’t hold our excitement for long and yearned to know more about her travel pursuits.

Here are the questions we asked her about her extraordinary travel experience and her answers not only gave us major travel goals but also are a major inspiration to all the young girls who want to achieve their desired passion!

Q. How many countries have you travelled so far?

A. Following my passion to travel the world, I have been around 38 countries so far and definitely looking forward to visit many more in the near future

Q. Is your family supportive as you travel so much? What are the hindrances you had to face?

A. As I grew up in Pakistan, it was always difficult thinking of traveling on my own, breaking any sort of barrier or going against the norms but my family has been supportive in letting me pursue my passion and they always believed in me. And talking about hindrances, “fear of traveling” and risks associated to it have been my major considerations.

Q.Are there any best places to travel within minimal budget??

A. of course, there are many countries you can travel within minimal budget but most preferably South Asian countries are affordable whether it’s Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia. So, I would definitely recommend you to save and go for it!

Q.Name the best traveling destinations you can’t get enough of and want to visit again.

A. Well, I love all the countries I have travelled so far owing to specific reasons and memories associated to it. But I would love to visit Portugal or Vietnam again!

Q.How would you encourage girls who don’t get permission from their families but have a passion to travel?


If you have passion for anything you will find the way no matter what. When I was young I travelled around with my family only but I had a passion and I worked towards it. I only got to travel when I

became independent and I could finance myself wholly! So work hard in your life and eventually you will get there.

Q.What have you learned during your travelling experiences?

A. Traveling has taught me a lot. I have learnt to be more patient, to learn to deal with different things and to take challenges head on. I have learnt about different cultures, people and society. Travelling sure teaches you much more than you can think of, it opens your mind and gives you an experience that you carry all your life

Q.Any country that you wish to travel and haven’t visited yet?

A. I have just travelled 38 countries and I am adamant to explore the whole world surely. There are many countries that I really want to visit soon and Brazil is on top of the list!

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