Top Model Aneesa Sharif Exclusive with Ebuzztoday

Started off her career at a very young age, Aneesa Sharif has accentuated her name in Fashion 

Industry nationally and internationally owing to her talent and hard work within short span of time. Her successful career is definitely an inspiration for all the young girls who are willing to follow their dreams and believe in them utterly. Aneesa Sharif talked exclusively to Ebuzztoday about her journey towards success in modeling and garnered everyone’s praises by her flamboyant yet stunning personality!

1. Aneesa, you have marked your name as one of the top models. We would like to know that how did you start your career?

Thank you! Ok so my journey is a little different. I qualified as a skin therapist and continued in the beauty field by becoming a freelance Makeup artist whilst teaching Media Prosthetics at a College. I always would get asked to model and not be behind the camera as the MUA. After much encouragement from my friends and family I finally gave in and became a beauty model.

2. What notion motivated you to become a model and at what age?

I was motivated to become a model because I always had a keen interest in the Fashion and Beauty Industry. I am a creative at heart and that’s what prompted me to explore my creativity in this field. I was always interested in becoming a pioneer and acting as role model for other girls out there. I became a model at 20 whilst studying.

3. Who is our inspiration in the fashion Industry or role model?

I really admire fashion houses that are driven by female protagonists, which are solely led by designers who are women because they are independent, and their drive towards their career is what really motivates me to be successful.

4. Tell us about your journey to success. How would you motivate the Pakistani girls who are reluctant but passionate to become a model?

The best advice I would give to anyone is to follow their heart. And if they are serious about pursuing this then its definitely worth a try. I would like to highlight that, it does look all glamours but behind the scenes a lot of hard work, sacrifices and emotional strength is required. Also, perseverance! So, if you are willing to try this out then go into it with the mindset that – this is for the ‘long run’.

5. How many countries you have visited till date during your professional life? Which one is your favorite btw?

Endless amounts, my top fav that I have worked in have to Dubai and Bangkok. However, saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed working in Pakistan. The industry is constantly growing and it’s been super supportive and taught me a lot. Most importantly it has given me a platform to make a name for myself.

6. We have seen you on covers of magazines. Tell us something about that experience of yours!

Being on a cover is an amazing and a fulling feeling. It is a huge moment for anyone in their career. But at the same time, it comes with a lot of responsibility and takes a lot of hard work to get to that point, where a magazine would trust you and put you on their cover.

7. Where have you stayed for longer period of time during your modelling career?

Pakistan, it’s become a second home.

8. The best experience you had as your modelling career is taking flight to ultimate success!

Meeting so many different people is the best experience you can have! And no matter what people say that this industry is out to get each other, I have made some really successful friendships and professional relationships and this is just my life path and every moment gets better and better. The more opportunities that come the more fulfilled you feel as a person, you really feel like the hard work is paying off and you are sustaining your career.

9. What are your future aspirations and your upcoming projects?

My future aspirations are to just to continue being happy with the work that I am doing and work on projects that really mean a lot to me. I will continue working with brands and that I share the same vision as. I am working on a lot of creative projects in both London and Pakistan. I am also a renowned blogger, creating content for various companies and as a Digital influencer, I get invited to a lot of events that I can support in which allows me to engage my followers in the upcoming market.

10. Fashion shows that you participated in and who is your favorite designer nationally and Internationally?

I have participated in London Fashion Week, and all the renowned fashion weeks in Pakistan. I have done shows and Campaigns in Dubai and Thailand. I have walked for South Asian designers in New York. My favourite designers have to be Elan & Faraz Manan because they are credible Internationally. My favourite International designer is Elie Saab because their embroidery is insanely beautiful, a pure work of art. The Haute couture pieces are outstanding.

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