Top Graduates from PIFD is proud to showcase their work on TELENOR FASHION WEEKEND 2015

After becoming the number one choice of leading and burgeoning designers for the showcase of their bridal wear at Bridal Couture Week, HUM Network proudly presents “Telenor Fashion Weekend”, a celebration of fashion and culture.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design is chartered by the Government of Pakistan. It is country’s pioneering institute for design education. Over last 17 years PIFD has contributed tremendously towards the development of the Fashion Industry in Pakistan and opened new avenues for designers and entrepreneurs in the fields of

  • Furniture Design & Manufacture
  • Jewelry Design & Gemological Sciences
  • Leather Accessories & Footwear
  • Textile Design
  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Young designers from PIFD is proud to showcase selected work of TELENOR FASHION WEEKEND 2015. The collection includes pieces from the department of Fashion Design, Jewelry Design & Gemological Sciences and Leather Footwear & Accessories.

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