Top 6 New on-screen Pakistani celebrities pair ups: Making us jump off our feet!

Exuding a strong yet thought provoking content through powerful mediums “ dramas” Pakistani entertainment Industry have broadened their canvas of content and encapsulated versatile issues that are affecting our society in many ways. Embracing the social responsibility that media owns, the content and actors are getting much aware of matters that should be highlighted. No matter how shy away people are about the issue, it’s the best medium to make everyone speak up against the pessimist approach. As the competition between actors becoming somewhat hard-hitting, everyone tries to come up with their best performances and it also includes on point chemistry between the cast. The lead couple of the dramas should be casted by foreseeing their on-screen chemistry beforehand.

No doubt, our Pakistani actors have proven their mettle thousand times on various platforms but in order to heightened their talent according to the content of the drama, it is quite necessary to pair up the main lead couple perfectly.

Here are some exquisite pair ups in on -going and upcoming dramas that has made us all jump off our feet!

Imran Ashraf & Neelum Munir:

Super talented actor Imran Ashraf would be seen in main lead role in his on going drama alongside Neelum Munir. We are quite excited to see his heroic side in dramas unlike his prior drama characters.

Kinza Hashmi & Noor Hassan:

Lately, the actress KInza Hashmi shared an amazing click with her fans on her Instagram rubbing shoulders with ace actor Noor Hassan. After showing his acting chops explicitly in various hit dramas, this new on screen couple is going to dazzle us with their alluring aura for sure!

Sadia Khan & Wahaj Ali:

Spurring male actor Wajah Ali is performing exceptionally in drama Ehde Wafa and continue to dazzle us by his power pack performances. Recently, Sadia Khan and Wahaj Ali have been spotted on the set of their upcoming drama. We are so anxiously waiting to see them cast their magic on screen.

Hira Mani & Humayun Saeed:

Mere Pas tum hu has broken several records in terms of immaculate acting and sensitive topic which is quite distinctive from the rest of the dramas. Humayun Saeed’s acting has been applauded by millions and now the special cameo of Hira Mani with legendary actor has been appreciated by the viewers.

Fahad Mustafa & Mahira Khan:

Though related to the film fraternity but we couldn’t help but to mention their upcoming venture as a couple. Fahad Mustafa had complained once that he has not worked with Mahira Khan and it seems like his wish is fulfilled as they are going to feature in Quaid e Azam Zindabad as couple!

Minal Khan & Emmad Irfani:

Minal Khan shared a picture with Emmad Irfani and captioned it as Nisha & Asfandyar which we presume are the names of characters they are going to play in their next venture. Keeping our fingers crossed to se their alluring chemistry soon!

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