Top 6 Independence Day Jams that are a must listen

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Jazba Junoon:

This track is a staple for all Pakistan lovers and of course fans of the greatest Pakistani rock band to set foot onstage aka Junoon. Whether it’s a cricket or hockey match, or Independence Day celebrations, no song pumps you up quite like this exhilarating number from Junoon and hence it has earned its spot on this list amongst such great anthems that follow.

Hum Hain Pakistani:

Another great track that we got from one of Pakistan’s most dynamic pop group Vital Signs, this song was originally composed as an anthem for Pakistan approaching the cricket world cup.This a sweet melody with the Late Junaid Jamshed’s graceful vocals topped with stellar instrumentation from virtuosos Rohail Hyatt and Shahi Hasan.

Watan Ki Mitti:

This is a classic by the evergreen singinglegend, Nayyara Noor. The emotional lyrics and beautiful melody touches one’s soul and definitely elevates a person to new heights of the patriotic feelings that surge within us on Independence Day.

Sohni Dharti:

This is an evergreen classic which has been sung by a number of legendary artists of Pakistan, namely Shehnaz Begum, Habib Wali Muhammad and the great Mehdi Hasan. The sweet melody along with the heart wrenching lyrics truly drives one towards an emotionally patriotic state, feeling a sense of hope and eternal love towards our country that is the State of Pakistan.

Yeh Watan:

This track has been sung by one of the finest voices to grace us with its presence, the legendary Mehdi Hasan. Mehdi Hasan has been known for his immaculate ghazal singing and is known as The King of Ghazal, not only in Pakistan but also across the border. The highlight of this track is not only Mehdi Hasan’s peacefully soothing voice but also the deeply inspiring lyrics that paint a real feel of what it is to truly be Pakistani.

Iss Parcham Ke Saaye Tallay:

This is one national song that literally talks about unity amongst the diverse people of Pakistan under the flag of the crescent and star. This was originally sung by the great pop legend Alamgir, alongside stunning backing vocals from the highly talented Benjamin Sisters, who introduced and pioneered the use backing vocals and western style harmonies in the Pakistani music industry. This is indeed another masterpiece that avidly promotes a sense of nationalistic pride within the hearts of the nation like no other.

These were our top picks for Independence Day songs that get us in the spirit and all hyped up for the celebrations at hand. If you’re one of the purists then we would recommend you to watch Xarb and Bayaan’s rendition of “Sohni Dharti” and “Yeh Watan” which stay true to the original and further add modern embellishments to these beautiful compositions. If you are all for experimentation and heavy rock, we would definitely recommend Tamaasha’s stunning rendition of “Iss Parcham Ke Saaye Tallay”  all of which are available at the YouTube channel of Pepsi Pakistan:


All in all, it is the 71st Independence Day of our beloved Pakistan and we should all celebrate it with joy, however staying within the boundaries of tolerance, peace, dignity and decency.