Top 5 Ways to Make Your Skin Look Immortal

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Ever wonder why celebrities never age? This is why!

Ra Facial Ritual:

Due to regular make up, the heat of lights, the pollution of the outdoors, the artificial rain and wind etc, the skin is more prone to damage. So once in 15 days it needs a thorough cleansing and re-infusion of essential nutrients i.e. various vitamins like Vitamin A and C to the skin which are administered with high pressured oxygen. The skin lightening ingredients are driven into the skin with galvanic, all ending with a skin glow mask.



Those yummy star lips keep changing size and shape in different movies. Did you wonder how? While all along our lips look wrinkled and loose volumed! One of the favorite “starry” procedures is lip enhancement. There are stars who only need the upper lip and some to refresh or just plump up the whole lip. Others need the prominent roll or lip border, making it more youthful. Yummy lips are within reach. Just make sure you choose the right doctor. The best esthetic work is when you are complemented but people can’t put a finger on what exactly has changed. Mystery is key.


Under Eye Filler:

This is something I have done on many of my star patients, male and female. The sunken tissue under eye makes it look like you have dark circles, are tired all the time, need reflectors and laborious lighting to make you look fresh. A single sitting of HA filler will make you look super fresh and will bring back an even natural glow.


Cheek Enhancement:

This esthetic artwork is about achieving the perfect contour of the cheek bone with a little filler which takes your face from beautiful to stunning


Jaw Contouring:

When you look fatter in a mug shot (especially for TV actors) you know, it’s only because of the heavy jaw. The angle of the face as you go down should be around 20 degree less than the upper face. So a little Botox on the jaw muscle will give you a great tapering face and will also enhance your cheek bone. It’s important to be weary of over dosing.

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