Top 5 songs of upcoming Pakistani Movies 2019: Are you ready to update your songs’ list?

Aren’t we all excited to watch our stupendous stars performing exhilarating characters? Extraordinary trailers, jaw dropping music compositions and star-studded cast have made us jump off our feet. From Hareem Farooq to Mahira Khan, mega stars are going to entrance us by their alluring charisma on big screen and we all are prepared to witness the best coming our way. Inspired already by the classical numbers as well as upbeat songs, we are in love with all the exceptional song compositions, cinematography, music beats and dance performances! 

Interesting fact: Most of the music compositions has done by super talented Azaan Khan and we are more than proud! 

Here are Ebuzztoday’s top favorite songs from these movies that on-repeat in our playlist! 

Noori (Superstar): 

It’s a magnum opus treat to see our stunning diva Mahira Khan showing some gorgeous moves on an upbeat number Noori (which is also the name of the character she is playing in movie). The video portrays different avatars of Mahira Khan and it is making us all adrenaline charged. Watch the video and get ready to be hypnotized by extraordinary yet mesmerizing performance of Mahira khan! 

Bekaran Ishq (Superstar): 

The first song released by the movie Superstar “ Bekaran Ishq” incorporating the dapper actor Bilal Ashraf and stunning actress Mahira Khan casting a charm of love on big screen by their on point chemistry. Music composition by Azaan Khan has further accentuated the aura and we can’t get enough of this song for sure. 

Watch the video of the song and celebrate the love like never before! 

Heer Maan Ja (title track of Heer Maan Ja): 

Heer maan Ja’s title song is not what you had expected it to be! Utterly different yet valiant upbeat song featuring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman dancing explicitly. We are head over heels in love with their jubilant couple, raised our expectations even more for the upcoming movie. 

Moorey Sayiaan (Parey Hut Love): 

This song is serving us the perfect vintage and classical vibes, clearly making us go crazy over the royal realm. To accentuate it further, Mahira Khan is upgrading the feel to the level of perfection via her twirling and classical dance moves with resonating embellished all red traditional outfit. Moorey Sayiaan would give you chills and make you walk down the memory lane definitely! 

Ghalat fehmi: 

Released today, a new melodious song from the movie Superstar is hitting all the right notes and absolutely making us feel numb by exceptional lyrics and soothing composition. Mahira Khan and bilal Ashraf are exuding their best versions in this soulful song.

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