Top 5 Skin Care Tips For Rough Skin

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Rough and dry skin can be embarrassing some times. Nobody wants to show their rough, dry and flaky skin to anybody. Skin can become rough and dry because of exposure to sun and pollution, temperature and climatic conditions, dehydration of skin and skin related diseases. Rough skin tends to cause patches, flakes, cracks and redness all over the skin.
The common areas of rough skin patches are the elbows, knees, heels and cheeks. Skin care for rough skin is essential to improve the texture of your skin.
In this article, we will discuss some skin care tips for rough skin. Follow these tips for smooth and soft skin.
  • Moisturiser The most important factor for skin care for rough skin includes re-hydrating the dry part. For this, use a good moisturizer preferably made from milk and cream extracts. The more you rub a moisturiser on the rough skin, the sooner you shall have a change in skin quality. Using a good and natural moisturiser is a skin care tip for rough skin.
  • Scrub it Rough skin is generally because of the dead skin cells and damaged cells. Skin care for rough skin includes removing the dead skins cells. To do so, use a good scrub at least once a week. Rub the scrub on the area of rough and dry skin for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with water. Apply moisturizer after scrubbing your skin. The scrub will help to remove unwanted skin cells and boost the growth of new skin cells. Skin becomes supple and soft after using a scrub. Visible effects are observed after a few weeks. This is also a good skin care tip for rough skin.
  • Cut down soap Soap contains certain chemicals that can make your skin more dull and dry. Especially for the face, avoid using soaps and replace them with a gentle face wash. Soaps tend to absorb all the moisture from the skin and make the skin rough and dry. Skin care for rough skin requires use of naturally made face washes which are sensitive towards skin and helps to enhance the texture of the skin. This is a must do tip for rough skin.
  • De-stress Stress also leads to skin problems and diseases. For a healthy skin it is necessary for you to be happy and mentally stable. Do not stress yourself too much; it may affect the skin quality. Take a spa appointment or relax in your gym steam room at regular intervals of time to relax your body. De-stressing is one of the skin tips for rough skin.
  • Eat Healthy Healthy eating habits also show good results for skin care for rough skin. Eat fruits with high water content to replenish your skin. Dry skin is mainly because of dehydration. Also drink a lot of water to rejuvenate your skin cells.